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Hydrotech 41400008 Sediment Prefilter

Part Number: 41400008
Alt. Part Number: S-FS-02
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The Hydrotech Sediment Prefilter is the genuine replacement filter cartridge for a wide variety of Hydrotech RO systems, including the 1240 Series, E, M & Pro Systems, HT101, HT102, HT103 and HT123 Series Systems. These string wound polypropylene sediment filters provide the function of protecting the more costly filters and membrane of your system, at a minimum cost.

  • Removes Sediment, Dirt & Rust
  • Cost Effective
  • Fits 1240 Series, E, M & Pro Systems, HT101, HT102, HT103 and HT123 Series Systems
  • Replace every 6 months, or as needed
Selecting the correct membrane for your Hydrotech reverse osmosis system:
Hydrotech reverse osmosis membranes are available in thin film composite (TFC) or cellulose triacetate (CTA) and a number of different permeate flow rates. The easiest way to determine which membrane is right for your system is to match the color of the tape band wrapped around the membrane. TFC membranes will have a yellow or green wrap, along with the colored tape to identify the permeate flow rate. CTA membranes will have a blue wrap, along with the colored tape. Use the chart below to select the correct membrane.

Description Permeate
Flow Rate
Tape Color
33001071 Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane 9 gpd Red
41400004 Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane 15 gpd Yellow/Green
33001068 Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane 25 gpd Black
41400006 Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane 35 gpd Purple/Green
33001033 Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane 50 gpd White
33001056 Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane 75 gpd Blue
41400001 Hydrotech CTA RO Membrane 9 gpd Red
41400002 Hydrotech CTA RO Membrane 15 gpd Yellow
Compatible with:
Arrowhead PuritapS-FS-02, 41400008
HydrotechS-FS-02, 41400008
Sierra SpringsS-FS-02, 41400008
US Pure Water ProductsS-FS-02, 41400008
California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov