Viqua Sterilight Platinum SPV-600 UV System 8.6 gpm

Viqua Sterilight Platinum SPV-600 UV System 8.6 gpm
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Part Number: SPV-600
Alt. Part Number: SPV-8, 8786
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
Viqua Pro10 NSF Class A Monitored UV System Powered by UVMax 10 gpm

Viqua Sterilight Platinum SPV-600 UV Water Treatment System Features:

The Sterilight Platinum SPV-600 UV System removes the risk of illness caused by microbial contamination, making water safe for a variety of applications including pharmaceutical, restaurant, laboratory and agriculture uses.

  • Quick, simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly UV water purification, as it adds nothing to your water, creating no disinfection by-products
  • > 99.99% destruction of bacteria, virus, and protozoan cysts (Giardia lamblia & Cryptosporidium) at rated flow
  • Features Platinum™ controller coupled with Flow-Pace™ UV intensity monitor
  • Provides half-power to the lamps when no water is flowing and full-power when the water is running
  • Seven year warranty on reactor chamber for unparalleled protection
  • 316L stainless steel reactor chamber and flow restrictors
  • Applications include private wells, camp grounds, hotels, bottlers, aquaculture, hospitals, food, cottages, restaurants, breweries, water systems, laboratories, marine, pharmaceutical, dairies and many other applications

Water Quality Guidelines:

  • Iron: < 0.3 ppm 
  • Hardness: < 7 gpg 
  • Turbidity: < 1 NTU
  • Manganese: < 0.05 ppm 
  • Tannins: < 0.1 ppm 
  • UV Transmittance: > 75%

Note: The Sterilight Platinum SPV-600 UV Water Purifcation System replaces the older SPV-8 system.

Sterilight Platinum SPV-600 System Specifications
Sterilight Platinum SPV-600 System Manual
Sterilight Platinum SPV-600 Replacement Components

3/4" FPT, 1" MPT Combo
33.9 "
3.5 "
316 Stainless Steel Reactor
UV Intensity Monitor
7 yr for chamber, 1 yr for lamps and probes, 5 yr pro rated on all other components
System Type
120 V
50-60 Hz
73 W
Operating Conditions
8.6 gpm
36-104 °F
14.5-125 psi
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