AquaGate CX C100 Leak Controller

AquaGate CX Leak Controller
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Part Number: C100
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
FloLogic Water Leak Detection System 3.5

AquaGate CX Leak Controller Features:

The AquaGate CX Leak Controller is a specialized, affordable water alarm and shut-off system.  Battery operated and features a 1" full-port electric ball valve shut-off.  Upon sensing moisture, AquaGate CX will engage the shut-off valve and sound an alarm.  The water source is cut off, stopping the leak while the alarm continues to signal until the unit is reset.  Up to 4 sensors can be directly connected to the control panel.  Unlimited sensors may be "daisy-chained" together for increased coverage and protection in multiple areas.

  • Programmable Service Reminder Indicator
  • Water Detection Sensitivity Down to 2 ppm TDS
  • LeakLogic RISC Based Logic Control
  • Simple to Use 3 Button Operation
  • Automatic Monthly Valve Management
  • Includes 1 Sensor With 8' Cord

Install AquaGate CX Leak Controller on:

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • Toilets
  • Water Purification Systems
  • Water Softeners
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Commercial Water Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Commercial Ice Makers
  • Commercial Coffee Equipment
  • Fountain Drink Equipment

AquaGate CX Leak Controller Specifications:

  • Power: 4 AA Alkaline Batteries With Minimum 2 Year Life (included)
  • Sensor: Electromechanical Dual Probe With Series Connectors
  • Size: 6" x 3.45" x .75"
  • Valve: 1" Full Port Brass Ball Valve
  • Alarm: 85+ dB at 5'
  • LED: Blue, Green, Red
  • Mounting: Accessories Supplied for Wall Mounting
  • Battery Replacement: Replace Every 2 Years or Upon Low Battery Indicator
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty From Date of Purchase Against Defects in Material and Workmanship
AquaGate CX Leak Controller Specification Sheet
AquaGate CX Leak Controller Installation Manual
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