Oasis POC2LRHK Aquabar II Deluxe Point of Use Water Cooler

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AB1953 Compliant 

A sleek and modern cooler

Part Number: POC2LRHK
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Oasis POC2LRHK Aquabar II Deluxe Point of Use Water Cooler

The Oasis POC2LRHK Aquabar II Deluxe Point of Use Water Cooler is a bottleless, point-of-use, tri-temp water cooler that features an electronic display control to dispense hot, cold, and room temperature drinking water anytime. This sleek and stylish water cooler has a hot booster function for single cup use, night setback energy saver, UV lamp life monitor, large faucet alcove for filling sports bottles, and many more unique features that make it the perfect water cooler for your home or office.

This cooler comes pre-plumbed for reverse osmosis and filtration applications. Optional accessories include an in-tank UV accessory for continuous sanitation, and an in-cabinet leak detector with inlet water shut-off (sold separately).

Features & Benefits:
  • Pre-plumbed for RO & filtration systems
  • Large filter compartment fits most filters
  • Hot Booster function for single cup water dispensing (ideal for instant soups, tea, coffee and hot chocolate)

Electronic display controls all cooler functions:
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Energy Saver timer
  • Filter monitor
  • Lock-out feature
  • Hot booster function

Lead-Free Product
Components in the POC2LRHK Aquabar II Water Coolor are certified lead-free.

Quality Assurance
Three (3) year limited warranty offered from the manufacturer Oasis. (Full details)

UL Listed & Energy Star Rated
Meets or exceeds UL water standards and is Energy Star rated for energy efficiency.

Oasis POC2LRHK Aquabar II System & Components

Water Dispensing System:
Easy to use buttons located on front display panel for tri-temperature dispensing of hot, cold and room-temp water. Large faucet alcove for filling large reusable containers.

Hot Water Reservoir: 
33.8 ounce, 300 Series stainless steel tank with 450 watt element. 

Drip Receptor: 

Durable drip tray lifts out for easy removal and is dishwasher safe.

Hot Water Safety Faucet:
Safety faucet button requires a two-step action to prevent accidental dispensing. 

Modern cabinet design accented by charcoal grey, with marble style panel. Sleek injection molded ABS plastic top and front with removable metal side panels. The cabinet side has pre-drilled holes, making it simple and easy to install a cup dispenser.

Cold Water Refrigeration:
Convection-cooled condenser, internal spring mounted hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. 

Cold Water Reservoir:
Four gallon, 300 Series stainless steel tank with external copper refrigerant coil encased in molded foam insulation.  

Warranty: Limited 3 year warranty (within the Continental Limits of the United States and Canada). Three years on the sealed refrigeration system, one year on most component parts. Detailed warranty information is here.

Specification Sheets & Manuals

Convert Your Water Cooler Into Energy Saving & Self Sanitizing!

SIP-Neo3 is a patented new device that eliminates the growth of algae, mold viruses and bacteria in the water cooler's reservoir. Add it to your order today to ensure your drinking water is always fresh and pure!

  • SiP Ozone Sanitization is more effective than UV Disinfection.
  • SiP uses a totally natural, chemical-free technology that converts Oxygen to Activated Oxygen Ozone. Ozone is an all-natural way to purify drinking water.
  • Saves you time and money!

Stainless Steel
Chiller Specifications
Cooler Specifications
(Within the Continental Limits of the United States and Canada) Limited 3 year warranty. 3 years on the sealed refrigeration system, with 1 year on most component parts. Detailed warranty certificate enclosed with each water cooler.
UL Listed & Energy Star Rated
Point of Use
Free Standing
Operating Conditions
4 Gallons
2+ gallons per hour Gallons
33.8 ounce L
Adjustable °F °F
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