Oasis water coolers, water fountains, water purification systems, and water filters provide clean drinking water in schools and institutions across the country.

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Oasis water coolers provides safe drinking water to people around the world. We offer replacement water filters for your Oasis water cooler bottleless cooler. Change your Oasis water filter every six months to for the freshest results.

Oasis products purify drinking water of chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants. An oasis water cooler first traps large particles through a prefilter and then uses a patented carbon filter to reduce lead and chlorine in water. Choose an Oasis drinking fountain with antimicrobial copper fixtures that kill microbes and fight waterborne diseases.

Benefits of Oasis bottle fillers

  • • Energy efficient
  • • Lead-free
  • • Materials that reduce microorganisms, mildew, and other contaminants
  • • ADA compliant with proper installation
  • • NSF/ANSI certified