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Note: Watts has rebranded SeaTech to Watts AquaLock. This rebrand does not affect the part numbers. However, during the transition the product and packaging that you order may be branded as SeaTech or Watts AquaLock. The color will also vary. The size and specs of the products as well as the part numbers will remain the same


Who is Watts AquaLock/Sea Tech?

Since 1995, Sea Tech, by Watts, has provided boating manufacturers with the best available fluid connection solutions. Sea Tech fittings incorporate quick-connect technology that meets the ever-changing needs of water plumbing applications for homes, business, marine, RVs, and agricultural systems.

Sea Tech quick-connect fittings come in both standard inch and metric sizes. These fittings, valves, manifolds, and tubing provide OEMs and other users with more options to solve pipe fitting application issues. Sea Tech fittings are easy to install without any special tools, compression sleeves, nuts, adhesives, welding, clamps, or crimps.

Watch this video to learn more about Watts/AquaLock/Sea Tech.

What makes Sea Tech fittings unique?

Only Sea Tech's design allows fittings to "snap" to plastic, CPVC, and copper tubing. This technology can be used to connect tees and elbows that rotate to create a custom manifold. Sea Tech connectors snap on the outside of the tubing, eliminating the need for an inner barb and increasing water flow.

Watts AquaLock/Sea Tech Nautical Applications:

  • • Drinking water
  • • Raw and fresh water washdown
  • • Air condition chilled water lines
  • • Drain lines
  • • Windshield washing
  • • Livewell systems

Watts AquaLock/Sea Tech Fittings Series:

  • • 10 series: white polypropylene
  • • 24 series: acetal thermal plastic
  • • 35 series: high-performance polysulfone thermal plastic
  • • 45 series: brass
  • • Metric series: available in several high-performance materials

All Watts AquaLock/Sea Tech is a member of the WQA. Their fittings and valves are certified to ANSI, NSF, and ASTM standards.

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