Designer Water Faucets - Drinking Water, Pot Filler, Glass Filler, Hot Water, and Filtration Facucets

Water Faucets and Filtration Faucets

We carry 100s of standard and designer water faucets in various styles and finishes. Our vast inventory of filtration faucets includes the complete line of faucets from such popular manufacturers as Mountain Plumbing Faucets, Waterstone Faucets, and Tomlinson Faucets. Many of our faucets are available in both cold only or hot and cold water faucets.
Hot and cold dispenser faucets can be used with a Quick & Hot Instant Hot Water Dispenser to provide instant access to purified hot water - a popular addition to any drinking water system!

Faucet Filter SystemCommercial and Restaurant Faucets

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Drinking Water FaucetsDrinking Water Faucets
Point-of-use drinking water faucets for use with filtration systems. For use with cold water only.
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Open Vent Faucets for Instant Hot DispensersInstant hot water dispencers and faucets for kitchen sink
Various vented faucets designed to be used with hot water dispensers.
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RO Drinking Water Air Gap FaucetsAir Gap Drinking Water Faucets
Air Gap Drinking Water Faucets for reverse osmosis systems.
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Water Faucets for Everpure Exubera & HeliaWater Faucets for Everpure Exubera/Helia
Everpure Faucets for the Exubera Chiller/Carbonator and the Helia Instant Hot/Chilled Water Appliance.
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Bar / Prep FaucetsBar sink faucet - Prep sink faucets
Bar and prep sink faucets are smaller scale water faucets for your wet bar or cooking island sink.
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Pot FillersKitchen Pot Filler Faucets
Deck and wall mount pot filler faucets allow you to easily fill pots with water when cooking.
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Kitchen FaucetsKitchen Faucets
A variety of Waterstone kitchen faucets.
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Pull Down Kitchen FaucetsPositive Lock "PLP" Pulldown Kitchen Faucets
Pulldown kitchen faucets with positive locks and counterbalanced weights.
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Soap DispensersBuilt In Sink Soap Dispensers
Refill from top design. Teflon guides for smooth action and "anti-wick" tip.
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Glass FillersGlass Fillers Faucets from T&S Brass
T & S brass push-back glass fillers. Restaurant-style deck and wall mount water glass filler faucets.
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Gantry FaucetsGantry Faucets
Continuous force spring cartridge allows arm to pivot and reach all sink areas for cleaning.
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Kitchen Side SpraysWaterstone Kitchen Faucet Side Spray
Insulated handle and Teflon "bump" guard.  Large spray pattern with positive spray divert feature and "no drip" spray head.
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Disposal Air SwitchesDisposal Air Switches
Solid brass construction and ADA compliant.
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Waterstone Air GapsWaterstone Air Gaps
Decorative unit designed to compliment either a contemporary or traditional style. Hides upper nut and washer edges.
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