JACO Compression Tube Fittings

The JACO Manufacturing Company has built a strong reputation through customer service, practical application experience, and innovative engineering. The compression fittings are widely used with all types of tubing and are typically less expensive than metal fittings, while offering better resistance to corrosion and chemicals. JACO compression fittings are made of either nylon, Celcon acetal copolymer, polypropylene, or Kynar (PVDF). To ensure the highest quality construction, JACO uses high-tech production, in-house mold design, and tooling.


JACO Acetal FittingsJaco Acetal Fittings
JACO acetal fittings are highly flexible while providing good impact resistance in broad temperature ranges. The translucent white Celcon acetal has temperature ranges from -40° F to 200° F in open air environments and is rated for 180° F in water applications. JACO acetal fittings are FDA, USDA, and NSF listed for coffee, milk, and antibiotics.
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JACO Polypropylene FittingsJACO Polypropylene Fittings
JACO polypropylene fittings have good chemical resistance and are unaffected by most weak acids and alkalies. Below 175°F, they have good resistance to organic solvents. They should not be used with oxidants, strong acids, or in continuous sunlight. Polypropylene is light weight and extremely valuable for high purity applications such as deionized water. The polypropylene used in JACO fittings is 20% glass filled for improved stiffness, and is NSF listed.
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JACO Nylon FittingsJACO Nylon Fittings
The nylon used in JACO fittings is FDA and NSF listed for use in both cold & hot water applications.
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JACO Kynar FittingsJACO Kynar Fittings
The Kynar (PVDF) used in JACO fittings is FDA and NSF listed for use in handling highly corrosive fluids and is chemically resistant.
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We maintain an extensive inventory of fittings designed for O.D. tubing. JACO fittings are available in over many size variations and chemical compositions like acetal, polypropylene, nylon, and kynar PVDF. This helps to ensure you find the fittings suitable for your application.

Beyond water and food use, most fittings and tubing can be used with air, gas, vacuum and liquids. Common applications include: water purification, food/beverage, plumbing, hydraulics, and pneumatics.