Sport Cap 2.0 Recall/Replacement Program

For safety reasons and in cooperation with US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Klean Kanteen is recalling the Sport Cap 2.0. Klean Kanteen® has received six consumer reports relating to the spout tip of Sport Cap 2.0 breaking or cracking after being dropped, which could pose a possible choking or ingestion hazard. There have been no incidents of actual choking or ingestion reported.

We at Klean Kanteen apologize both for the inconvenience and the resource footprint of this recall. We take the health and environmental aspects of our products very seriously and the mere possibility of our product harming someone gave everyone at Klean Kanteen pause. The decision to recall and replace caps was really the easy part, running a smooth replacement program is the challenge we now are rising to. We really appreciate your patience and understanding; we'll get you your new Sport Cap(s) as quickly as possible.

Jeff Cresswell and Michelle Kalberer
Owners, Klean Kanteen®

If you have purchased a Klean Kanteen Sport Cap 2.0 from Fresh Water Systems, please use this online form for Klean Kanteen to begin the replacement process.


  1. Inspect the spout on your Sport Cap 2.0 to determine if it is the version being recalled (see Identification images below). Affected Sport Cap 2.0 can be indentified by the polished finish on the top of the spout. Replacement caps feature a dull top surface. the new version can be indentified by a round silver sticker on the backside of the packaging.
  2. If the spout on our cap is the version being recalled, discontinue use.
  3. Complete the Consumer Registration to get your Sport Cap replaced.

Fresh Water Systems will begin shipping all new Klean Kanteen orders with the Newly Designed Sport Cap 2.0 approximately during the middle of May. Thank you for your patience.

Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles and other caps are not affected by this recall.