Waterwise® Replacement Filters

Waterwise water distillers provide excellent, filtered water. Fresh Water Systems carries carbon postfilters for your Waterwise distiller that are easy to use, providing your home or business with distilled water that does not taste "flat." Contact our customer service agents who would be happy to help you select the perfect post filter for your system. 


Neo-Pure 6506RC Carbon Postfilters for Waterwise® Water Distillers 6 PackCarbon Postfilter for Waterwise 7000 Water Distillers 6506
Post Filter Cups 6-pak for Waterwise® 4000Post Filter Cups for Waterwise 4000
Waterwise Distiller Carbon Post-Filter Bags, 6-Pack by Neo-PurePost Filter Bags for Waterwise® 8500 & 8800 (6pk) Compatible to the 8606

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