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Trojan UVMax 650414 Power Supply Kit for A System

Part Number: 650414
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This item is discontinued. Please contact our team of Water Specialists for assistance finding an alternative.
The Trojan UV Max 650414 is replacement power supply kit (also called a controller) that is used to replace the power supply of a Trojan UV Max system. The 650414 is the newest version of the company's line of A, B4, C4, D4/Plus, E4/Plus, and F4/Plus controllers and is used for the Trojan UV Max A system.
The 650414 controller operates at 120V and weighs at 0.4 kilograms.
The Trojan UV Max 650414 plugs into a wall outlet and acts as a transformer - taking the native voltage and amperage and converting it to the proper voltage and amperage for the UV lamp. It also provides valuable information to the UV system operator in the way of a digital readout, making it easy for you to determine UV purification levels and the need to replace the controller again.

  • Voltage: 120/230v
  • Mounting bracket
  • Lamp on indicator light
  • Audible buzzer to alert for lamp failure
  • CSA and CE Certification

If your system was manufactured before November 2009, the replacement power supply will also need a power cord:
  • Part# 602636, Standard North American Power Cord
  • Part# 602637, Standard European Power Cord

NOTE: Power supplies have been updated with new components, and are no longer blue.