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Rain Aid by Apex Valves

Part Number: FITRA34
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Rain Aid ® by Apex Valves The Rain Aid is a supplemental valve that allows you to integrate your normal water supply as a backup to your rain harvesting system. The Rain Aid opens, allowing water from a normal water source to fill and maintain the tank water level when it drops below a pre-set limit. This supplements your rain harvesting and does not at all impede normal rain collection.

  • Backup water supply control valve for rainwater collection.
  • The RainAid ® ("RA20") valve is designed to be connected to the main water supply on a rainwater retention tank.
  • It provides a backup supply of water in the event of demand exceeding the on-hand supply of rainwater, whilst ensuring maximum rainwater storage at the next rainfall.

Under normal conditions, rain water will fill the tank. If the rainwater level drops below a pre-set level, the Rain Aid® will open to maintain the water level using the main water supply system. The rainwater tank is used to supply water to non potable outlets such as toilets, laundry and garden. There is a 100mm differential between the open and closed positions of the Rain Aid® valve.


Valve MUST NOT be fitted to tanks used partially or entirely for storm water detention. (Detention is the slow release of water run-off to the storm water drain during and after rainfall events).
Valve must be installed with the brass Y strainer supplied (RA2L only) Do not restrict inlet water flow.Not to be modified. Valve must be installed horizontally. Overflow discharge must be visible. Overflow and air gap to comply with local standards (air gap of 3 x mains water inlet pipe diameter - 55mm - complies with AS/NZS 3500.1) The minimum water level (L) is easily set at any height during installation by adjusting the cord length. Cord must hang freely. Failure to affix label, supplied with the valve, near the visible overflow discharge will void Warranty. Some Australian states stipulate a minimum water level that must be maintained for fire fighting purposes. Some Australian states stipulate a visible air gap. With the RA2L a pipe can be plumbed from the 1/4" BSP outlet to create a visible air gap. No more then 1 metre back pressure shall be applied to the valve from this pipe.
California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov