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Pump Buddy with 1" tail PB1LT US 1" NPT (25mm) by Apex Valves

Part Number: FITPB1LT
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Pump Buddy 1" The PumpBuddy valve is a water inlet control device that allows for variable minimum and maximum water level settings within a water tank when filling from a pump.

Operating Principal
The PumpBuddy will be closed when both weights are submerged (maximum water level). The valve will remain closed until the bottom weight is exposed (minimum water level)The valve will then open and remain open until the maximum level is reached. Application
- Pump fed reservoirs it allows for a single level or variable minimum and maximum levels within a reservoir/tank . Rain Harvesting as a backup water supply control valve, providing a backup supply of water in the event of a demand exceeding rainfall. Benefits
  • A high volume water inlet control device.
  • Variable adjustment between the minimum and maximum water levels.
  • Reduces pump run time (saves electricity).
  • Increases pump life.
  • New Zealand patent application No. 535912
  • Australian Class 11 patent application No. 1025211
  • US Patent Application No. 11/604204
  • RSA Patent Application No. 2006/09432


  • Pumped water supply connection only.
  • Not to be connected to a mains water supply.
  • The PumpBuddy valve MUST NOT be fitted to tanks used partially or entirely for stormwater detention. (Detention is the slow release of water run-off to the stormwater drain during and after rainfall events)
  • Do not restrict inlet water flow.
  • Not to be modified.
  • The valve must be installed horizontally.
  • The maximum level is set by adjusting the top weight cord (A).
  • The minimum water level is set by adjusting the length of the cord between the two weights (B).
  • Valve installation must be in accordance with local bylaws and council regulations.

California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov