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Neo-Pure High Temp 9.75" x 2.5" Cartridge - 5 mic

Part Number: NPHTM-5-975
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The Neo-Pure Phenolic Impregnated Cellulose Cartridges are manufactured in the USA they are used in commercial and industrial filtration applications. They are not cleanable or resuable, and they are not suitable for potable water. They can be used in the following applications.

  • High Temperature industrial water filtration
  • Lubricating oil
  • Cutting fluids
  • Solvents
  • Distillate fuel
  • Fuel oil
  • Hydraulic fluids
Compatible with:
  • 3M- 38285-37, AFCB, 38285-34, 38285-31
  • Cooper-Bessermer part numbers: GD93909176, GD93909191, GD93909192, GD93909175.
  • Delaval: SC009001
  • Engineered Filtration: EFI-0050859,EFI-0059618, EFI-0061308, EFI-0050501, EFI-0032213,EFI-0032233,EFI-0031338,EFI-0031381,EFI-0031384, EFI-0031387,EFI-0031573,EFI-0050499,EFI-0031579,EFI-0071698,EFI-0032232,EFI-0032482,EFI-0032483,EFI-0045943,EFI-0071701,EFI-0059617,EFI-0031578,EFI-0049011
  • Facet: C769-1,C769,C748
  • Fabcorp: MP-310205
  • Filterite: 5A10
  • Filtermart: 01-0001
  • Fluitek: P2610-5A,P26105B,P26105W,P26105W,P26105BX,P26105A, FLK01-00155,5674
  • General Electric: 114A3785-5
  • Jaxon: PP310-5
  • Jonell: JPM2610-5-W,JPM2609-5WF,JPM2610-5-WF
  • Kaydon: KF301005,60039,60042,FP301005,FP-3010F25W,A910148,KF30105,BP310-1,B310-4,KB30105,A910231
  • Bowser: BP310-1
  • Briggs: BP310-1
  • Lesker: FILPP31005
  • Massvac: 400920
  • Murphy: MP-310205
  • Nafco: N3105-1
  • Parker: 23R10, B100438,9053-5018,FP310-5
  • Royal Filter: RL-310-5
  • Swift Filters: SF310-29-6UM
  • Western: P2275, P160, P1136
  • Watts: FMPIC-5-975

Compatible with:
3M Fluid Purification38285-31, 38285-34, ACFB, 32825-37
Cooper-BessermerGD93909175, GD93909176, GD93909191, GD93909192
Engineered FiltrationEFI-0031338, EFI-0031381, EFI-0031384, EFI-0031387, EFI-0031573, EFI-0031578, EFI-0031579, EFI-0032213, EFI-0032232, EFI-0032233, EFI-0032482, EFI-0032483, EFI-0045943, EFI-0049011, EFI-0050499, EFI-0050501, EFI-0050859, EFI-0059617, EFI-0059618, EFI-0061308, EFI-0071698, EFI-0071701
FacetC748, C769, C769-1
Fluitek5674, FLK01-00155, P26105A, P2610-5A, P26105B, P26105BX, P26105W
GE Water114A3786-5
JonellJPM2609-5-WF, JPM2610-5-W, JPM2610-5-WF
Kaydon |600039, 600042, A910148, A910231, BP310-1, BP310-4, FP3010F25W, KB30105, KF301005, KF30105
Parker23R10, 9053-5018, B100438, FP310-5
Royal FiltersRL-310-5
Swift FiltersSF310-29-6UM
WesternP1136, P160, P2278
California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov