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LMD12004 Multi-Mount Valved Coupling Body 1/4 PTF

Part Number: LMD12004
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Due to supply chain issues at the start , If the non-NSF version is not in stock, an identical Colder part with NSF testing (Auto-upgrade) will be sent to fulfill the order instead of the original part.
Multi-Mount couplings provide one easy-to-use coupling for connecting three to five lines at one time. Multi-mounts are available in either acetal or chrome plated brass and are keyed to prevent mismatched connections.

  • Material: Brass
  • Material Finish: Nickel
  • Color: Chrome
  • Valve Option: Valved
  • Mounting Option: Panel Mount
  • Pressure Range: 500psi / no. of stations
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C)