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Inline Flow Restrictor - 1 GPM 3/8" QC

Part Number: FR-1GPM-06JG
Alt. Part Number: FR-1GPM-0404. FR-1GPM-014JG. FR2000JD-1GPM
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This Inline Flow Restrictor can easily be integrated to any drinking water system to ensure proper contact time with your filter media and make sure that the flow does not exceed 1.0 gallons per minute. This flow restrictor can also be utilized for POU UV disinfection systems.

  • 1.0 gpm Flow Restrictor
  • 3/8" QC x 3/8" QC
General Ecology® contaminant reduction claims are based on 1 gpm flow rate. In determining the performance requirements for the Neo-Pure NP-1SG Seagull Compatible cartridge, Neo-Pure contracted WQA laboratories to independently test the Seagull® IV X-1 System with the Seagull® RS-1SG(CA) filter cartridge using NSF testing protocols. Surprisingly, we discovered:
  1. The Seagull® IV X-1 filter system does not have a flow control.
  2. The system has a flow rate of 1.32 gpm - 25% over their claim!
We strongly urge retrofitting all Seagull® IV X-1 Systems with a flow control to limit the flow rate not to exceed 1 gpm to attain the contaminant reduction claims made by General Ecology (RS-1SG) and/or Neo-Pure (NP-1SG).

California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov