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FloLogic Replacement LCD Control Panel with Keypad for System 3.5

Part Number: CPA3001
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The FloLogic Replacement Control Pad System 3.5 features a soft touch silicone button pad for comfort adjustments. The CPA3001 has a an alpha-numeric LCD presentation making this display very easy to read. The control panel should be mounted slightly below eye level for aesthetic and mechanical reasons. This control panel can also communicate with your home security system or office protection system.

Disclaimer: The FloLogic Replacement LCD Control Panel has been upgraded with new software. The old panel has a green circuit board, and the updated panel will have a red circuit board. Please note this Replacement LCD Control Panel is still 100% compatible with the FloLogic Leak Detection System 3.5. If your current panel has a green circuit board, consider upgrading your software with this replacement.

FloLogic Replacement Control Panel Button Features
• Home Setting: 30 minute interval (default) • Away Setting: 30 second interval (default)
• Next/Bypass + Disable: Turn off the water • Pinwheel Icon: Shows water is in use
• Silence Alarm: disable audible alarm • Clear Alarm: Leak display may be clear from the control panel
After water correction is complete hit the home key to restore water services
California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov