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20" x 4-1/2" BB Coconut Shell GAC + 4lbs KDF55

Part Number: KDF55-04-20BB
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This item is discontinued. Please contact our team of Water Specialists for assistance finding an alternative.
The KDF55-04-20BB is an activated carbon block filter that extends the life of the filter cartridge by using KDF® technology. This oxidation-reduction media removes chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful contaminants. The KDF® media can control micro-organisms allowing the activated carbon improve the taste of drinking water and eliminate odor. We carry this filter in 3, 4, and 5 pound options.

  • Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon Filter Featuring KDF® 55 media
  • Reduces: Chlorine, taste, odor, and water-soluble heavy metals
  • Patented KDF® medium consists of high purity copper-zinc granules
  • KDF uses redox (exchange of electrons) to effectively reduce / remove contaminants.
  • KDF® 55 Media is for the reduction of chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals to the rated capacity of a specific filter cartridge. This media also controls scale, bacteria and algae, even in hot water due to its Bacteriostatic properties.