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1/4" PTF Chrome-plated Brass Nut

Part Number: 100800
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Elevate your fluid handling solutions with the Colder 1/4" PTF Chrome-plated Brass Nut, a premium component designed to meet the highest standards of performance and durability. Crafted by Colder, a trusted name in fluid management solutions, this brass nut combines precision engineering with a sleek chrome-plated finish.
Key Features:
Exceptional Material: Manufactured from high-quality brass, this nut boasts outstanding corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. It's built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your fluid connections.
Chrome-Plated Brilliance: The chrome-plated exterior not only enhances the nut's aesthetics but also provides an additional layer of protection against corrosion. This chrome finish is not just about looks; it's about long-lasting functionality.
Precision Design: Colder is known for its commitment to precision engineering, and this nut is no exception. With a 1/4" PTF size, it fits seamlessly into your fluid handling system, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.
Versatile Application: Whether you're in the industrial, automotive, or plumbing sector, this Colder brass nut is a versatile solution. It's suitable for a wide range of applications, making it an essential component in your toolkit.
Trusted Brand: Colder has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality fluid management products. When you choose this Colder nut, you're choosing a product backed by years of expertise and innovation.
Elevate your fluid connections with the Colder 1/4" PTF Chrome-plated Brass Nut. Trust in the quality, precision, and durability that Colder products are known for. Upgrade your fluid handling systems today with this essential component.