Sterilight S8RL UV Lamp for S8QA, S8QAUV, S12QA, S12QAUV Systems

S8RL Sterilight Lamps, etc

Made in USA 

Old Style 8 & 12 gpm Units

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Model: S8QA, S8QAUV, S12QA, S12QAUV
Part Number: S8RL
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Sterilight S8RL Replacement UV Lamp Features

The Sterilight S8RL Lamp is the regular intensity original replacement UV bulb for old style Sterilight S8QA, S8QAUV, S12QA and S12QAUV water disinfection systems. When you buy a Genuine Sterilight S8RL UV lamp you can be assured of the performance, safety, and warranty of your system.

  • Sterilume-EX lamps can be used in older style Sterilight units, such as the S8QA , S8QAUV, S12QA & S12QAUV
  • Sterilight S8RL UV lamps have a full one-year warranty and have been tested in order to deliver a specific UV intensity in each system that is offered
  • This genuine S8RL Sterilight UV lamp can easily be identified by the green bulb base
  • Origin: Made in USA
  • Warranty: One year manufacturer warranty

NOTE: O-Rings are not included with the lamp and are an optional item. OR-212

9000 hrs.
2 Pin
Germicidal (254nm), Preheat
48 W
110 V
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