UV Lamp Double End Pin for Aquafine 3050 Model SL-10A

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UV Lamp Double End Pin for Aquafine 3050 Model SL-10A 

Improved Temperature Tolerance. The UV lamp can tolerate higher temperatures, providing assurance that the lamp will not fail in extreme situations.

Impervious to UV Degradation. Extended lamp life (12,000 hrs) due to the lamp's ability to withstand degradation from the UV light.

Specially Manufactured with Ceramic Lamp Bases.
The ceramic lamp bases have greater high voltage electrical insulation, as well as superior strength/rigidity. 

Additional Specifications:
  • Tight specification for secure fit
  • One electrical contact on each end of the bulb

Also Compatible With:
American Ultraviolet CE-10-2SL, CE-10-SL, GML060, GR-10-SL, SM-10-SL, TB12W, UF-10-SL, UFA-10-SL,
Aquafine® UV Lamps 3050, DW300, SL-10A
Atlantic UV Lamps, etc 05-1346-R
Glasco 1842
Siemens/Sunlight LP4165
Ultra Dynamics UV Lamps 7008-248
Wedeco/Ideal Horizons UV Lamps 2001
12,000 hrs.
Single Pin
Germicidal (254nm), Preheat
16 W
55 V
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