Low Pressure Shut Off Switch 1/8" Male NPT

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Part Number: LPS340-G
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Aquatec LPS340G Low Pressure Switch

Low Pressure Switch (LPS) installs on the inlet side of the booster pump and will shut-off the pump if the feed water is interrupted. Switch remains closed at 5 PSI or more, when pressure drops below 5 PSI, Switch will open and cut-off the power to the pump.  Requires wire harness # 21-028 (sold separately).

For Delivery Pump (Demand Pump) applications involving a pressurized bladder tank (ie RO Tank), a Low Pressure Switch is recommended to shut-off the Delivery Pump in the event the RO tank runs empty, thus preventing damage to the bladder and the tank from cavitating. When Delivery Pumps are used to pull water from an RO Bladder tank, the tank pre-charge is typically reduced to 1 psi to increase water storage volume.


Material:   Wetted parts are FDA Approved or NSF listed
Connection:   1/8" Male NPT thread
Pressure Switch Closed:   @ 5 PSI or more
Pressure Switch Opened:   1 - 5, Preset @ 2.3 PSI
Electrical:   125 - 250 VAC, 15A Max.
Power:  Compatible with 110V or 220V transformers
Sustained Operating Pressure:   50 PSI Max. 
Top Terminal:   Common Lead
Middle Terminal:   Normally Open Lead
Bottom Terminal:   Normally Closed Lead
Accessories:   Wire Harness # 21-028 to connect to pump and transformer

Operating Specs
50 PSI
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