Pura 36003034 UV Quartz Sleeve #11

36003034 Pura

Model: Addon-1 & UVB
Part Number: 36003034
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Pura 36003034 UV Quartz Sleeve #11

The Pura #11 Quartz Sleeve is the genuine replacement sleeve for use with Pura's UV Addon-1 & UVB Series systems. The Pura 36003034 quartz sleeve provides thermal protection for the system's UV lamp and protects it from possible damage.

It is recommended to clean and inspect the quartz sleeve when changing your filters, and each year when replacing your UV Lamp. Replace your Pura #11 36003034 quartz sleeve if damaged or if it cannot be cleaned by non-abrasive methods.

If it is also time to replace your Lamp:
  • Use #10 Lamp with Addon-1 System
  • Use #11 Lamp with UVB1 System
  • Recommended to replace your UV Lamp every year

Pura UV Addon-1 & UV-1 Series Systems Brochure
Pura UV Addon-1 & UV-1 Series Installation Manual & Owners Guide

Also Compatible With:
Aqua Sun International QS11
PURA 210-110
Pura UV Lamps & Filters 210-110
15 x 5.5 x 5.5
14 W
115 V
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