Postfilter for SteamPure & MD-4 Distillers - 4 Pak

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Made in USA 

Part Number: 19016
MSRP: $39.95
Price: $36.95 

Postfilter for SteamPure & MD-4 used with Jug - 4 Pak

Replacement Post Filter for Pure Water SteamPure Countertop Water Distiller and the MD-4 Distiller.  Replace every 3 months.

For a more economical postfilter for your SteamPure or MD-4 Water Distiller, purchase the LID-PFC-02 Neo-Pure Postfilter Retrofit Kit.

  • The Neo-Pure Postfilter uses Coconut Shell GAC instead of standard GAC
  • The Neo-Pure Postfilter comes with six postfilters instead of four postfilters
  • Neo-Pure postfilter utilizes more media than the 19016
  • Neo-Pure postfilter is less expensive than the 19016
Filter Specifications
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Materials of Construction
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