20" x 4-1/2" Cation, H+ form Filter Cartridge

SACBB20H AF-20-3001-BB
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The Aqualine Industrial Series

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Part Number: SACBB20H
Alt. Part Number: AF-20-3001-BB
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The Aqualine Industrial Series is designed to fill the needs of a variety of industrial ion exchange applications. Each is constructed totally from FDA grade materials and highly purified semi-conductor grade resins. These cartridges are non-regenerable and intended for disposable uses.
The Aqualine has utility for decationizing water for chemical make-up and dilution, such as for analytical standards for AA or high purity caustic and brine solutions. The SAC can also be used to polish any amine taste and odor from DI water or remove trace metals from DI water that has contacted metal containers or pipes.The SAC is 99.9% in the H+ form and will produce a highly acidic pH on high TDS feed streams since virtually all cations will be exchanged for hydrogen ions.

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