Neo-Pure RO-4300RX-DLX Deluxe Pharmacy Trusted High Efficiency Alkaline RO System

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BPA Free  Made in USA 

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Neo-Pure RO-4300RX-DLX Deluxe Pharmacy Trusted High Efficiency Alkaline RO System

The Neo-Pure RO-4300Rx-DLX Pharmacy Trusted High Efficiency Alkaline Reverse Osmosis System is the key component in the process of providing USP grade water for the reconstitution of antibiotics, behind the counter, in pharmacies across the country. Medication safety is paramount to patients’ lives, and no one takes that more seriously than your local pharmacist. Pharmacy trusted means family trusted. The RO-4300Rx-DLX is specifically designed for needs found in residential water supplies.

6-Stages of Filtration in the compact RO-4300Rx System:

Stage 1 & 2: Stage 3:
 Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Dual Purpose PrefilterTFM MembraneExtended Contact Filter Ionized Water FilterPolishing Filter
Reduces sediment, chlorine, bad taste & odors
 Separates clean water from dissolved inorganic contaminantsSlow flow rate through this filter allows further reduction of chemical contaminants Emits Far Infrared Rays, increases pH, lowers ORP, and gives your water a refreshing mineral flavor.Enhances the water on its way to the faucet

Made in the USA
All Neo-Pure RO-4300-Rx-Deluxe components are made in the USA to ensure material safety, and reduction claims.

Compact Design
The Neo-Pure RO-4300-Rx-Deluxe Residential RO System has a compact design that fits conveniently under your sink.

Alkaline Ionized Water Filter
The alkalinity filter is designed to increase pH, lower ORP, and gives your water a refreshing mineral flavor.

Thin Film Composite Membrane (TFM). The new technology in Neo-Pure membranes uses a layered film system to separate clean water molecules from inorganic waste contaminants.The TFM membrane rinses the dirty wash down the drain.

What makes this a deluxe system? The RO-4300Rx-DLX features an Alkaline Ionized water filter designed to increase pH, lower Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), and gives your water a refreshing mineral flavor. The ORP value of a water supply is directly related to the effect it has on plumbing and bacteria growth. The life expectancy of bacteria in water is more dependent on the ORP value than the chlorine concentration or pH value. 

Another key feature of the Deluxe model is the permeate pump. This permeate pump delivers faster R.O. water production, and saves many gallons of water from being wasted down the drain.

The Neo-Pure RO-4300Rx-DLX features a dual probe comparative monitor, which accurately assess the membrane performance and alerts you when the membrane needs to be replaced. This percentage rejection water quality monitor provides your family peace of mind at the touch of a button. 

For installation assistance please call our our Water Experts at (864)284-1801.

Specification Sheets & Manuals

18.5 "
20 "
3.75 "
6 Stage
50 GPD
Jaco Fittings
Drop-in Cartridge
1/4" OD
3/8" OD
5 µm
5 µm
50 GPD
3 Gallons
Standard Air Gap Faucet
Permeate Pump ERP 500
Operating Conditions
40 - 100 °F
40 - 100 PSIG psi
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