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UV Lamps & Quartz Sleeves

A UV lamp in a UV sterilizer disinfects water from bacteria and viruses. A ballast provides electricity to the UV lamp, and the quartz sleeve protects it.
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Find UV lamps, quartz sleeves, ballasts, alarm monitors, and other parts to keep your UV water purifier running efficiently. UV sterilizers disinfect and clean water with low turbidity, color, levels of suspended solids, and organic matter. The UV lamp emits rays that purify the water by killing germs and bacteria.

Ultraviolet radiation from UV lamps is not suitable as a sole method of water filtration. Particles and contaminants react with the radiation and reduce the performance. Water turbidity makes it difficult for the UV radiation to penetrate water. A sediment prefilter (of 5 microns or less) should be installed before the UV water purifier to remove particulate matter prior to disinfection.

Avoid contact of bare skin to the quartz sleeve. Oils and residual compounds from the skin left on the sleeve will cause permanent etching (devitrification) when heated and reduce UV energy transmission. A contaminated lamp will eventually overheat, causing premature failure. Alcohol wipes and rubber gloves are included with every purchase of a quartz sleeve or lamp. In case of contact with bare skin, clean lamp with alcohol wipe before returning it to use.

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