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Quick-Connect Fittings

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Quick-Connect Fittings


Quick-connect fittings have an easy push-fit locking design for tube and pipe connections and are offered in tees, elbows, valves, and other types. 

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Quick-Connect Fittings are also called push-to-connect, push-fit, or SharkBite fittings. They allow for a quick and easy tubing connection with a locking collet design that grips the outer diameter (OD) of various tubing and pipe sizes. These fittings are designed for OD polyethylene and PEX tubing, as well as copper and PVC pipes.

What are quick-connect fittings used for?

  • • Plumbing
  • • Water purification
  • • Reverse osmosis
  • • Beverage dispensing
  • • Appliance installation
  • • Pneumatics

Frequently asked questions: How does a quick-connect fitting work? What is the difference between a male and female fitting? How do you install and disconnect a quick-connect fitting?

Visit our blog for the full list of FAQs about quick-connect fittings and answers to these questions.

Types of Quick-Connect Fittings


Elbows are attached to pipes to change the direction of flow. Types of elbows include long-radius or 90° elbows and short-radius or 45° elbows. A 90° elbow is more common because it reverses the flow completely and keeps the tube from kinking.


Tees connect pipes of different sizes and merge or split the direction of fluid flow in three ways.


Connectors join two end tubes together, often to add or extend a long run of tubing or pipe. Adapters are a type of connector whose two connecting ends are different.

Bulkhead fittings

Bulkhead fittings are used to create a connection through a wall. They’re inserted through a hole cut into the surface to join plumbing pipes and tubing to panels or tanks.


  • • A ball valve is a type of shut-off valve that stops water flow
  • • A needle valve regulates the flow of liquids
  • • A check valve keeps water from flowing in the reverse direction
  • • An angle stop adapter valve shuts off the water flowing to a faucet

Crosses and dividers

Dividers allow water to flow in separate directions. A cross coupler or connector is a four-way divider, named according to its number of inlets and outlets, similar to a tee.

Types of Quick-Connect Connections

Each quick-connect fitting has a different thread size and type of tube connection, like a union, reducer, push-in, stem, or barb.


Unions have the same size quick-connection on either side.


When the two connecting ends vary in size, the fitting is called a reducer. Reducers allow you to adjust pipe size depending on the flow rate a system requires.


A stem has a short branch that plugs into a connector like a tube. A stem adapter has threads on one side to attach a union elbow or union tee.


Barbs are like stems but have a barbed end instead of a threaded end. A stem barb is a coupling that has a stem on one side and a barb connection on the other.

Connections vary in thread size and type.

  • • National Pipe Tapered: NPT
  • • Female Pipe Tapered: FPT
  • • Male Pipe Tapered: MPT
  • • Unified Fine Thread: UNF
  • • Unified National Superfine: UNS
  • • National Pipe Straight: NPS
  • • British Standard Pipe: BSP
  • • British Standard Whitworth: BSW
  • • Male Flared Fitting: MFL
  • • Garden Hose Thread: GHT

If you’re not sure of what thread size you need, check out our 5-step guide to determining thread type and pipe size.

Body Materials

  • • Acetal copolymer
  • • Polypropylene
  • • Polyethylene
  • • Polysulfone
  • • Nylon
  • • Biopolymer
  • • Kynar
  • • Brass
  • • Chrome

Top Brands for Quick-Connect Fittings

John Guest

John Guest is known for consistently providing and developing quality products. All John Guest push-to-connect fittings are suited for plumbing, drinking water, central heating, and commercial systems. These durable fittings connect securely to copper, PEX, and CPVC pipes and may be reused.

John Guest fittings are certified to NSF/ANSI standards 14, 51, and 61.

For more information on John Guest fittings, visit the JG collection.


SharkBite push-fit fittings require a simple push to plumb a variety of commercial and residential applications. These brass fittings are durable and long-lasting. The material is also chloramine-resistant, making SharkBite fittings safe for drinking water systems.

SharkBite fittings are certified to ASSE 1061 and NSF/ANSI 61.

Sea Tech

Sea Tech fittings are a popular choice among boat manufacturers. The fittings are constructed for high-performance and simple “snap” connections to plastic and copper tubing. They work well on hot or cold water lines and vibrating applications since they rotate under pressure.

Sea Tech products are certified to ANSI, NSF, and ASTM standards.

For more information on Sea Tech fittings, visit the Sea Tech collection.


DMfit fittings are often used for water purification and food service. These fittings are non-toxic and safe to use in drinking water applications. They are easy to disconnect and maintain and can be connected and reconnected repeatedly.

DMfit fittings are certified to NSF standards 51 and 61.

For more information on DMfit fittings, visit the DMfit collection.


Parker specializes in fittings for food and beverage service. Parker’s LIQUIfit fittings are made of eco-friendly biopolymer from plants. Parker fittings reduce contamination and protect the environment. They are compact, easy to clean, and resistant to chemicals.

Parker products are NSF certified and FDA compliant.

For more information on Parker fittings, visit the Parker collection.