Dolfyn water distillers use evaporation and condensation to separate pure, fresh water from contaminants. 

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Dol-Fyn water distillers use evaporation and condensation to separate pure, fresh water from contaminants based on the hydrologic cycle. The prolonged boiling process of distillation combined with carbon filtration reduces up to 99% of impurities, including heavy metals and chemicals and types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, pesticides and VOCs. Distillation provides consistent purity, gallon after gallon and year after year, that no other technology can guarantee.

How a Dol-fyn water distiller works:

Boiling: Water is heated in the boiling chamber which kills viruses and bacteria and produces steam.

Evaporation/Venting: When steam rises, heavy metals and contaminants with a lower boiling point, like chlorine, remain behind, reducing VOCs.

Condensation: The steam condenses as it travels through the cooling coils.

Carbon Filtration: Distilled water passes through a carbon filter and polishes the water's taste.

Collecting / Dispensing: Distilled water is collected in a reservoir, and clear, refreshing water is ready to serve.

Fully automatic Dol-Fyn ARS Water Distillers features:

Certified for with a WQA Gold Seal for industrial-grade manufacturing and design integrity

Continuously refills water reservoir

Patented gravity-control feed system

Made of durable stainless steel

Produces up to 9 gallons of water a day

Reduces chlorine, VOCs, & other contaminants

Made in the USA

Great for Juicers & Blenders:

The Dol-Fyn ARS 3000 Automatic Water Distiller is a great source of producing large quantities of clean and purified water for your beverages at home. This counter-top system is great for use with a juicer or blender to provide you with the most nutritional and great-tasting smoothies and juices.