BBUV Series

AquaSun International BB UV Series ultraviolet disinfection systems are used for the whole house (point of entry). They have flow rates up to 12 gpm for a variety of water sources including wells, lakes, and rivers.

Model # Sump 1Sump 2Sump 3Sump 4
BB1s UV1 5 micron SedimentUVN/AN/A
BB1cb UV1 5 micron Carbon BlockUV N/AN/A
BB2 UV1 5 micron Sediment5 micron Carbon BlockUV N/A
BB3 raw UV1 20 micron Pleated Sediment5 micron Sediment5 micron Carbon BlockUV
BB3 iron UV1 5 micron SedimentIron Reduction Filter 5 micron Carbon BlockUV

Not Genuine Aqua Sun International Replacement Parts

MSRP: $80.43
MSRP: $80.43
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MSRP: $66.56
MSRP: $3.74
10+ for $1.18 ea
50+ for $1.02 ea

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