UV Systems & Lamps

Ultra Violet Purification Units for safe, delicious drinking water
Ultraviolet water purification systems are used in many applications that includes home/residential (both well water and municipal water supplies), commercial, and industrial. Here is a list of several applications where the power of UV water sterilizers are commonly used to treat and protect the water supply for contaminates such as bacteria
and viruses. UV systems applications include private wells, campgrounds,
hotels, bottlers, aquaculture, hospitals, food, cottages, restaurants,
breweries, water systems, laboratories, marine, pharma-
ceutical, dairies and many other applications.

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UV SystemsUV Systems
UV water treatment systems designed to eliminate bacteria, virus, and cysts. Available for residential and commercial.
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UV Lamps & AccessoriesUV Lamps and UV Quartz Sleeves
Replacement parts and ultraviolet lamps for UV sterilizers including: UV lamps, quartz sleeves, o-rings, etc.
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Handheld UV Water PurifiersHandheld UV water purifier - Steripen
Steripen is your portable handheld UV water purifier solution to disinfect the water in your water bottle. Perfect for travelers and will fit in your backpack.
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UV Water Treatment & Purification Systems

UV radiation from ultraviolet water systems alone are not suitable for water with high levels of suspended solids, turbidity, color, or soluble organic matter. These materials can react with UV radiation, and reduce disinfection performance. Water turbidity makes it difficult for the ultraviolet radiation to penetrate water. If your water supply has these characteristics, a  sediment prefilter (5 micron or less) should be installed before your UV water purification system to remove particulate matter prior to UV water disinfection.

Ultraviolet radiation can be used as a pretreatment or polishing step to sterilize and disinfect water. UV systems are typically used to pre-treat a water supply that is considered biologically unsafe (lake or sea water, well water, etc). The UV disinfection process is a non-chemical method for destroying microorganisms by altering their genetic material, and rendering them unable to reproduce. 

There are several advantages of using UV rather than a chemical disinfection solution:

  1. No known toxic or significant nontoxic byproducts
  2. No danger of overdosing
  3. Does not require storage of hazardous material
  4. Adds no smell to the final water product
  5. Requires very little contact time

*Safety and Efficiency NOTE: Bare skin contact with the quartz envelope must be avoided. Compounds from the skin when heated on lamps operating at 600 to 850°C will form permanent etching (devitrification) on the quartz surface, decreasing UV energy transmission. A contaminated lamp eventually will overheat causing premature failure. Alcohol wipes and rubber gloves are included with every purchase of a quartz sleeve or lamp. NOTE: In case of contact with bare skin, decontaminate lamp with alcohol wipe before returning to use.