What Are LinkTech Fittings and Where Are They Used?

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John Woodard on November 17, 2023

Founded in 2005, LinkTech has made a name for itself in the fittings market because of its product quality and diversity. Ever since Nordson Medical purchased LinkTech in 2016, it has expanded its products and diversified across many major market segments. As a result, LinkTech has become a dominant name in the world of fittings. In this article, you can discover what makes LinkTech fittings better than their competition, the fields where LinkTech couplings are used, and how to choose the right fitting for your application.

What are LinkTech quick-connect couplings?

LinkTech quick couplings are a durable, user-friendly fitting that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Unlike many other fitting brands, LinkTech couplings contain a thumb latch that makes them easy to install and uninstall with only your hands. Manufactured in an ISO 8 cleanroom, these couplings are popular in the medical field because of their quality control, durability, reliability, and ease of use. LinkTech fittings are also a popular alternative to couplings manufactured by Colder Products Company (CPC). Depending on the type of material used, these couplings can be used for a wide array of applications, but they are most commonly found in the medical field.

What are LinkTech quick couplings used for?

LinkTech couplings have a wide variety of uses, including medical, industrial, chemical, and water system applications. They are most commonly used in the medical field coupling liquids and gases with low pressures.

Medical uses:

  • Surgical
  • Dialysis
  • Blood pressure
  • Wound drainage
  • Vitro Diagnostics
  • Orthopedics
  • Filtration

Industrial uses:

  • Ink printing
  • Biohazard detection
  • Portable water systems
  • Engines
  • Pneumatic applications
  • Battery watering
  • Food and beverage production

Chemical uses:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Soap dispensing

Water system uses:

  • Water movement
  • Pressure stabilization
  • Filtration

What makes LinkTech fittings better than other brands?

Linktech couplings provide an excellent slate of features that put them above the competition. Some of these features include user friendliness, click feedback, cleanroom manufacturingleak resistance, breakdown prevention, universal compatibility, and competitive pricing.

User friendliness

Unlike many other fittings, LinkTech couplings do not require a specific tool to detach from or connect to a system. Rather, they can be installed and removed by bare hands with the use of a built-in thumb latch. Not only does this feature make installation simple and easy, but it also saves the user more money compared to competitors. Despite their user friendliness, LinkTech fittings do not compromise seal quality. These couplings provide an extremely tight fit while simultaneously enabling installation with bare hands. This attention to detail and competitive pricing are what give LinkTech fittings excellent value.

Click feedback

LinkTech couplings emit an audible “click” sound when they have secured in place. When you hear or feel this click, you need not worry about leaks or the coupling coming loose. This quality-of-life feature gives users peace of mind that the couplings are correctly inserted into their respective systems.

Cleanroom manufacturing

LinkTech fittings are manufactured in an ISO 8 cleanroom, ensuring that they are sterile right out of the packaging. Nordson uses 90 cleanroom injection molding machines to consistently manufacture their fittings to the desired specifications.

LinkTech cleanroom

Leak resistance

The internal end points of the couplings ensure that air cannot escape. On top of this feature, the O-Ring seal design reduces the probability of leaks. By using Rubber-O-rings, LinkTech fittings ensure that pressure within the system remains consistent by preventing air or fluid from exiting.

Breakdown prevention

In addition to their leak resistance, LinkTech Couplings do not lose pressure should they rotate while connected, which is critical to maintaining consistent pressure throughout the system over time.

Universal design

LinkTech’s couplings feature a “Thumb Latch Design” that can be worked with only one hand, leaving the user’s other hand free for any other activity. These Thumb Latch Designs are universal and interchangeable. This means that you can utilize the couplings within an existing system or any thumb-latch couplings you have lying around. LinkTech couplings are compatible with couplings manufactured by Colder (CPC), so they can both be used interchangeably with each other. Because they are already competitively priced, LinkTech couplings’ universal design makes them a cost-effective solution.

Competitive pricing

LinkTech fittings are generally priced 10% lower than other competitors in the United States. Because LinkTech fittings do not require special tools for installation and removal, you save money on tools as well. Because of their effectiveness, quality, and competitive pricing, LinkTech couplings provide excellent value.

What materials are LinkTech couplings made from?

LinkTech couplings are made from a variety of materials, each intended for the needs of a specific application. Many of the most popular LinkTech fittings are made of acetal, a lightweight, durable, and affordable plastic. However, LinkTech also offers metal fittings for heavyweight industrial applications that require more strength and durability. Another material used by LinkTech is polypropylene, a plastic that is more resistant to material absorption than other types of plastic. This property makes polypropylene fittings perfect for chemical and fluid transportation applications. Finally, for applications where weatherproofing and shock absorption are needed, LinkTech offers polycarbonate fittings. These couplings are excellent for outdoor use, where strength and resistance to the elements are required.

Dependent on the coupling purchased, the latches themselves can be either metal or plastic, and some even contain both. Couplings can also be dyed a variety of colors for coordination of a system by color code. Another major benefit is that LinkTech can alter the O-ring material at the customer’s discretion. This could mean utilizing Viton O-rings for certain applications or just using the regular Buna O-ring.  

LinkTech also can customize products to exact user specifications should a user have a niche requirement. If this is something you are interested in, simply give the technical data and application to a Neologic Sales or Product Representative to get the technical data and application. From there, LinkTech can be engaged to manufacture the desired product.

How to find the right fitting for your application

When searching for a LinkTech fitting, consider the following characteristics:

  • The flow of your application
  • The inner and outer diameter size of your tubing
  • Your application’s temperature range
  • The type and size of the coupling or the type of valve
  • How the coupling will be mounted

Knowing the above information about your application will ensure you purchase the fitting with the correct durability, temperature resistance, and size.


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