Our Favorite Watts Water Technologies Products

Posted by John Woodard on July 03, 2019

Watts Water Technologies offers an assortment of water treatment products, including commercial, industrial, and residential water filters and systems. Watts has become one of the largest distributors in the water treatment industry. Here are our top picks of the best Watts water filters and other products.

Who is Watts?

Almost 150 years ago in the New England area, water boilers were exploding because of over-pressurization. Joseph Watts created a product that solved the problem. His pressure reducing valve eliminated the danger of boilers in the Industrial Age. Until the 1950s, Watts marketed their valves as "explosion danger preventers."

Watts Water Technologies entered the water treatment industry in 1978 and is now one of the most popular brands of water filtration products. Watts provides resources to water filter distributors like Fresh Water Systems. They allow us to buy products and specifically tailor them to suit the needs of our guests and partners.

5 of the best products from Watts

1. Watts reverse osmosis systems

Watts under-sink reverse osmosis systems are a popular choice to treat drinking water at the tap. The Watts RO system eliminates leaks during filter changes with an automatic shut-off valve, and the Kwik Change filters make the installation process simple. Watts has started to phase out their Kwik Change filters, and we're anxiously awaiting what new technology they offer next.

2. Watts faucets

Watts top-mount faucets come in air-gap to prevent dirty water from backflowing into your RO system and non-air-gap faucets. When installing a traditional faucet, you must crawl under the counter to secure the bolts and the mounting hardware. With a top-mount faucet, you simply feed the tubing down through the hole in the sink. Any other installation steps happen above the sink, so no plumbing assistance is required.

3. Watts pressure reducing valve

The Watts pressure reducing valve put the company on the map 144 years ago. Nearly every household in the United States has a valve on the water supply to maintain safe pressure levels. 70% of those homes use Watts regulator valves.

4. Watts replacement filters

Watts provides many filter cartridges for residential and large commercial systems. The sediment filter below is pleated to increase surface area and extend the filter life. 

5. Watts Big Bubba

Watts provides a non-metallic filter housing used for commercial applications and in larger residences, known as Big Bubba. Big Bubba is designed for high water flow and holds many different cartridges to remove sediment, bad tastes and odors, and other contaminants. The housing non-metallic, which makes it great for commercial use near chemicals. 

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