How to Cut a PEX Pipe

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John Woodard on May 07, 2019

Cutting a PEX pipe is simple, but there are a few things you should know to avoid leaky connections. Here are a few quick tips from John Woodard, our Master Water Specialist, for cutting PEX pipes and tubing.

    How to cut a PEX Pipe

    Tools needed:

    • PEX pipe
    • Pipe cutter or ratchet pipe cutter

    Three-quarter-inch PEX is easy to cut with a pipe cutter, especially one made to take the diameter of PEX tubing. A pipe cutter allows you to cut the tube straight without much effort. It works the same for large and small tubing diameters.

    PEX tubing

    The secret to cutting PEX: Make sure to get an even cut, especially if you're using a quick-connect fitting, a SharkBite fitting, or a JACO fitting. A quick-connect fitting cannot lock in place and create a seal with uneven tubing.

    If you're using PEX tubing with a larger diameter, like an inch or an inch and a half, it's best to use a ratchet cutter. A ratchet cutter cuts PVC pipes as well.

    PEX pipe

    Do's and don'ts when cutting PEX tubing 

    1. Get a straight cut.
    2. Don't crack the tubing.
    3. Don't pinch the tubing. 
    4. Don't create any angles.

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