5 Advantages of Owning a Smart Leak Detection System

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John Woodard on October 07, 2022

Water damage is an issue that affects millions of Americans each year. While flash floods and heavy rains are some of the more notorious contributors to water damage, some of the biggest threats to your home are actually within your walls. Pipe bursts, leaky appliances, failed water heaters, and faulty plumbing fixtures can all cause a significant amount of damage within homes. Smart leak detection systems provide the ability to stop leak-caused water damage before it happens. They can also be controlled and programmed remotely, allowing for easy access no matter where you are. Below, you can find more information on how a smart leak detection system can benefit homes and properties.

What is a smart leak detection system?

A smart leak detection system is an IoT-enabled device that uses sensors to protect your home against water damage with the added convenience of a smart detection system that alerts you when problems arise. A smart system connects to your home’s wireless network to send you notifications whether you or at home or abroad. Not only do these systems alert you of problems, but the connected devices within the system communicate with each other to automatically resolve issues as they arise. The remote nature of smart leak detection systems makes them ideal for landlords, property managers, and owners of vacation homes.

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Advantages of owning a smart leak detection system

While many Americans have installed smart systems for their security, thermostats, and light fixtures, fewer have invested in a smart leak detection system to protect their homes from water damage. Water damage may seem like an issue that is only for those in flood-prone regions, but this is not the case. Burst pipes, appliance leaks, roof leaks, and ice dams can cause water damage in areas where flooding is uncommon. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about two percent of American households file for water damage insurance claims annually. This accounts for around 30% of all household insurance claims. A smart leak detection system, such as the Rusco Smart Ball Valve and Leak Detectors, has many benefits that can help stop leaks before water damage is sustained.

1.  Damage prevention and mitigation

Smart leak detection systems, including the Rusco Smart Leak Detector, use smart sensors to detect leaks as they happen. One or multiple smart leak detectors can be paired with the Rusco Smart Ball Valve to complete a smart leak detection system. When a leak is detected, the smart leak detector sends a signal to the Smart Ball Valve, causing it to shut off water access. It also alerts your phone via a mobile app. This smart leak detection technology empowers you to know what is happening with your plumbing in real-time. The Rusco Smart Leak Detector is an excellent leak prevention device for any bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, water heater, and any other area where water leaks are a concern.

2. Remote control

The Rusco Smart Ball Valve and Leak Detectors can be monitored in the Smart Life app on Android and Apple devices. The smart ball valve can be programmed to automatically flush at a programmed time and opened to any desired percentage from any location. This system’s simple design makes it easy to install, and the streamlined interface of the Smart Life app allows for easy operation. The Rusco Smark Leak Detectors are battery-operated, making installation away from available electricity sources simple. The remote control aspect of the Rusco Smart Leak Detection system makes it ideal for homeowners or property managers that are not on location for much of the year. Landlords, vacation homeowners, and property managers can all benefit from the peace of mind a smart home leak detection system provides.

3.  Immediate response time

With the power of wireless networking and smart sensors, the Rusco Smart Leak Detection System gives immediate alerts and allows for instant damage mitigation. When paired with the Rusco Smart Leak Detector, the Rusco Smart Ball Valve shuts off automatically within seconds. This immediate response prevents water from leaking for extended periods and can save you thousands on repair costs down the road. Because the smart leak detection system alerts you immediately, you are given control of the situation as soon as a problem arises. The convenience, timing, and control provided by a smart leak detection system cannot be rivaled by a mechanical system.

4.  Multiple property control

For owners of multiple properties, the Rusco Smart Leak Detection System is the ultimate solution to leak detection and prevention. The control of leaks in properties thousands of miles away from each other can be found in the palm of your hand. With alerts from the Smart Life App, you are aware of leaks and shut-offs before even renters will notice that there is a problem. This means a leak can begin, be diagnosed, and be resolved within the same day. Without a smart leak detection system, small leaks can go unnoticed until they are no longer small. For owners of multiple properties, small leaks are especially a hassle as they are difficult to notice and expensive to repair if left unattended in multiple properties.

5.  Investment protection

The Rusco Smart Leak Detection System is ultimately an investment in the maintenance of your home and properties. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average repair cost of water damage in a home is $11,000. In contrast, the Rusco Smart Ball Valve with Two Leak Detectors costs under $200. If a smart leak detection system were to prevent just one instance of water damage in your home, it could save you as much as $10,000 if not more. According to the EPA, 10 percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more each day. This leaked water contributes to about 10 percent of these homes’ water bills. For owners of multiple properties, this extra cost can add up quickly if more than one experiences a leak. The Rusco Smart Leak Detection System can more than pay for itself in water-saving costs alone, let alone money saved by preventing water damage. Because the odds of leaks increase the more properties a person owns, a smart leak detection system is an especially smart investment for landlords and property managers.



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