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Fresh Water Systems is a leader in providing water filters and systems for both residential and commercial customers. Fresh Water Systems prides itself on being the biggest providers of anything and everything related to water treatment, contributing its growth to consistent customer service, large selection of inventory, and competitive pricing. 

Greenville is conveniently located close to larger metropolitan areas such as Atlanta and Charlotte, providing enjoyment of larger city amenities. Greenville is also close to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and world-renowned beaches. In fact, if you leave Greenville shortly after breakfast, you can dip your toes in the surf or your mittens in the snow before lunch.

Greenville's climate provides a taste of the four seasons in balanced moderation. With warm summers, crisp falls, not-too-cold winters and springs that cannot be beat, Greenville is truly a haven for those who love the outdoors. No shoveling driveways to get to work. Not too much heat when you wear your business suit. Just two more reasons that it's a pleasure to live in Greenville.

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