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John Guest

John Guest Plastic Half Cartridge - 1/2 Gray Double Nitrile O-ring

Part Number: PI2816S2
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The John Guest plastic half cartridges are an easy and cost-effective way of incorporating a push-fit connection into a wide range of OEM equipment. Easy to assemble and compact, push in connections avoid the need for threaded ports, offer improved product appearance and easy tube connection. Plastic Half Cartridges consist of three components: a collet, a plastic body and O-ring. Plastic Half Cartridges are only recommended for use with plastic and soft metal housing materials.


  • Cartridge requires low insertion loads, making it suitable for different housing materials
  • Compatible with plastic or copper OD sized tubing
  • For filtration and food grade applications
  • Collet has stainless steel teeth to grip the tube
  • Acetal body with stainless steel teeth that grip into the housing of the equipment
  • Food grade Nitrile O-Ring
  • Made with lead free materials

Working pressure and temperature: 

  • Max. 150 psi at 68° F
  • Max. 100 psi at 150° F

Note: As Plastic Half Cartridges are intended for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers they are only supplied in bulk quantities.

JG gray acetal is suitable for both compressed air and water (buna-n seal).

Part # Tubing Size Color/Material O-Ring
# of
PM2804S 5/32" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2804S2 5/32" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PI2808S 1/4" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PI2808W 1/4" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 1
PCI2808S 1/4" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PI2808S2 1/4" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PI2808W2 1/4" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 2
PCI2808S2 1/4" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 2
PM2808S 5/16" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2808W 5/16" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 1
PCM2808S 5/16" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PM2808S2 5/16" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PM2808W2 5/16" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 2
PCM2808S2 5/16" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 2
PI2812S 3/8" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PI2812W 3/8" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 1
PCI2812S 3/8" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PI2812S2 3/8" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PI2812W2 3/8" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 2
PCI2812S2 3/8" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 2
PI2816S 1/2" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PCI2816S 1/2" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PI2816S2 1/2" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PCI2816S2 1/2" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 2
PCI2820 1/2" CTS (5/8" OD) Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PCI2828 3/4" CTS (7/8" OD) Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PM2806E 6mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2806E2 6mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 2
PM2808E 8mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2808E2 8mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 2
PM2810E 10mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2810E2 10mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 2