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OMNIFilter, Flotec

Filter Wrench - OmniFilter® / FloTec Housings OW1

Part Number: OW1
Alt. Part Number: OW1-R-01
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The OMNIFILTER OW1 Filter Wrench is designed to loosen Flotec housings. Always hand tighten filter housings to avoid damage to O-Rings.*Do not use a wrench to tighten filter housings.

Fits the following filter housings:
  • CBF1
  • OB3
  • Omni Regular
  • R12
  • Total Plus
  • U450
  • CBF3 Series A
  • OT32 Series A
  • OT2
  • R14
  • UC2
  • U500
  • CBF20
  • Omni Super
  • OT5
  • SFM2 Series A
  • U24
  • U600
  • Omni Deluxe
  • RO2000
  • Total 2
  • U400
  • U700
Does not fit the following filter housings:
  • U25
  • U26
  • OB5
  • BF7

California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.