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Demand & Delivery Pumps

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A demand or delivery pump draws water from an atmospheric or non-pressurized storage tank or low-pressure city supply to send water to the desired location on demand and boost low water pressure. Demand pumps deliver water to soda fountains, ice makers, refrigerator water dispensers, or any other water dispenser. These pumps are designed for easy installation and can be mounted in any position.

What are demand pumps used for?

How demand pumps work

Like water booster pumps, demand and delivery pumps increase water pressure. Demand pumps are a type of diaphragm pump since they move water through an expanding and contracting diaphragm. This diaphragm transports fluids similar to the way the human heart pumps blood.

  1. You or a customer pushes the button on a refrigerator or drinking fountain for a drink.
  2. A solenoid valve opens, signaling the pump that someone needs water.
  3. The diaphragm inside the pump expands, which lowers the pressure.
  4. This creates a vacuum that pulls in the fluid.
  5. As the diaphragm contracts, it pushes the fluid out of the pump.
  6. The pump sends water to the desired location.
  7. As soon as the button is released, the solenoid valve shuts off the water supply. These valves function based on pressure; a switch usually shuts off the pump when it reaches 60 psi.

Demand or delivery pumps can be operated in demand mode (controlled by a pressure switch) or delivery mode (controlled by external power switching device). If needed, an integral bypass valve can be used to limit pressure.

Why is an accumulator tank important?

  • • It prevents the pump from turning on and off with a fluctuation in pressure.
  • • It allows for more water production.
  • • It ensures smooth operation.