Sterilight Silver UV Disinfection Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Owner’s Manual

Posted by Bailey Hack on July 03, 2019

This PDF is your guide to the Sterilight Silver UV Disinfection System by Viqua that purifies water using advanced ultraviolet treatment. This UV system is easy to operate with minimal maintenance needed for many years.

The Sterilight Silver Manual includes:

  • A simple UV system parts diagram
  • Safety instructions prior to use
  • Installation instructions with easy-to-follow steps and diagrams
  • The disinfection process in 5 simple steps
  • Operation and maintenance instructions
  • Specific instructions for replacing and cleaning certain parts of the UV purifier including:
    • The UV Lamp
    • A quartz sleeve replacement
    • The UV sensor
  • A troubleshooting guide for multiple symptoms
  • Specifications table for Basic and Plus Systems

View the PDF by Sterilight here.

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