Federal Lead-Free Compliance Law

Posted by Stephen Lagger on November 30, 2023

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Lead is a dangerous contaminant that can cause serious damages to the mental and physical health of children and adults. On January 4, 2011, changes were made to the Safe Drinking Water Act that will require nationwide changes to the lead content in pipes, pipe fittings, and fixtures. These changes must be enacted by January 4, 2014.

This law requires a reduction in the maximum content of all pipes, solder, flux, pipe fittings, and fixtures that come in content with potable water to only .25%. Previously, the lead content could be as high as 8%. All pipes and pipe fittings "anticipated" to be used for or with potable water must meet this standard. Bathroom sink faucets and sink fixtures are also included in this category. This new law is a change to previous laws including, AB1953, which was enacted January 2010 in California and was soon enforced in other states as well. 

Not only will there be changes to these products and the way that they are manufactured, but after January 4, 2014, the law states that "no person or entity" is allowed to sell or install parts that do not meet this requirement of less than .25%. This would include plumbers installing new pipes into houses, resellers, manufacturers, and contractors. Fresh Water Systems, Inc. has already been preparing for this change, and will fully comply by making sure that the items we sell meet the new federal requirements.


The only exclusions to this new law are parts, pipes, and fittings intended for non-potable water, including backflow parts, shower valves, and other items. Some examples of items that are excluded from the law would be parts used for industrial cooling towers, toilets, or agricultural applications. According to the law, any of these exclusions must be clearly marked as not to be used with potable water. Most manufacturers of these items have been incorporating these policies for several years, ensuring that their products are 100% compliant. Many are adding clearly identifiable "lead-free" tags, product pages, and even symbols included in the casting process.

The new national law will also include point of use and point of entry filtration devices, including any filtration part or item through which potable water flows. We have been phasing in these lead-free products for over a year and are determined to protect you as our customer from lead, but also from unwanted penalties for violating this new law.


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NSF Certification

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has new lead-free ratings, including the NSF 372 rating. NSF 372 certifies that items meet the new requirement of less than 0.25 lead content. ROmate Quick Connect Tanks are among the first of our products to have the NSF 372 rating.

EPA FAQ Document (pdf)

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Plumbing And Fittings

Fixtures (Faucets)

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