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Posted by John Woodard on July 08, 2019

Colder Products Company, or CPC, is recognized for their couplings that connect and disconnect without additional tools. Colder fittings connect and disconnect with a click. Once you hear the click, you know they're secure. John Rogeri, our Colder product specialist, highlights what makes Colder fittings and couplings different from other quick-connect fittings.

What are CPC connectors?

Colder manufactures a variety of quick-disconnect fittings. They come in metal or plastic and can be used with chemical, medical, and industrial applications. Choosing the right material depends on your industry and need. The fittings also come in different sizes and endings, from threaded endings to hose barb endings, that fit most applications. 

Where to use Colder fittings:

  • Medicine, surgery, and dialysis
  • Ink printing
  • Water filtration systems
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Soap dispensing

Colder fitting features

Colder's over-engineering and strenuous testing procedures make their fittings reliable and high-quality. Colder fittings differentiate themselves from other connectors on the market with their loud, audible click. It's difficult to know if other styles, like push-to-connect fittings, have a firm connection until a leak occurs. The Colder click reassures you that the fitting is secure. 

Learn more about how quick-disconnect fittings work.

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