Designing a Whole House Water System Solution

Posted by Stephen Lagger on July 03, 2019

Designing Spaces & Fresh Water Systems


Fresh Water Systems created an efficient whole house water treatment system for a couple featured on a recent episode of Lifetime Network’s hit TV show, Designing Spaces. The two homeowners sought expert advice after noticing the unpleasant taste and smell of their drinking water. Our company partnered with VIQUA, a leading supplier of ultraviolet disinfection systems, to design a new three-phase water treatment solution, including a carbon filter system, a robust UV water disinfection system, and a reverse osmosis system.  

Watts Upflow Non-Electric Catalytic Carbon Filter 
PHASE 1: Carbon Filter System 

The unpleasant taste and smell of the home's water resulted from the chlorination and chloramination at the local water treatment plant. While both chlorine and chloramine effectively kill bacteria and viruses, they also produce negative byproducts like trihalomethanes (THMs) that add a bad flavor or odor to water and lead to dry skin after bathing. In order to improve the home's water quality, we first installed a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter system at the entrance of the main water line. GAC filter systems help reduce chloramine, chlorine, and their resulting byproducts, as well as liquid-form hydrogen sulfide (another odor-causing chemical). The system includes an efficient non-backwashing tank, which requires no electricity or additional drain line.

PHASE 2: UV Water Disinfection System
Viqua IHS22-E4 UV System
Our experts recommended a VIQUA Professional Grade UV System(Model IHS22-E4) to address the unpredictable nature of water quality.UV systems provide a chemical-free solution to water purification. The ultraviolet lamp within a UV system sterilizes bacteria, yielding safe and palatable drinking water. The amount of water and number of pre-filters contained in a UV system make it unique. The IHS22-E4 Model can contain up to 22 gallons/minute and is suited for commercial-grade water treatment. The two integrated pre-filters limit installation requirements, save space, and include a sediment filter as well as a carbon block filter. The sediment pre-filter clears the water of any turbidity, enabling the ultraviolet rays to reach the bacteria for sterilization, while the carbon block filter is certified for lead removal.

PHASE 3: Reverse Osmosis System

Neo-Pure RO-4300RX RO SystemWhile the carbon filter and UV disinfection systems treat the water in each of a home's taps and showers, implementing an additional system designed specifically for drinking water allows for more effective purification. We advised the homeowners to use a reverse osmosis system (RO), one of the most effective methods for removing microscopic particles such as fluoride or lead and other metals such as barium and chromium. We installed a Neo-Pure RO system, a pharmacy-grade system featuring 3-stage filtration, in order to re-mineralize the water. The Neo-Pure 4300 Deluxe System features an alkalizing filter used to restore the micro-filtered water to a higher pH level and higher alkalinity in addition to a carbon post-filter. The alkalizing filter provides greater health benefits, and the carbon post-filter “polishes” the water, giving it a cleaner taste.



Utilizing multiple systems with specific applications in unison led to an efficient solution to homeowners’ water filtration needs. Because the poor-tasting water was caused by a multitude of underlying issues, our experts recommended a holistic approach to water treatment. The three-phase whole house water system design delivered safe water to every dispensing point in the home. The carbon filter system and the VIQUA ultraviolet system combined to treat the water supply through the entire house, while the RO system specifically targeted the drinking water. Different water filtration systems serve various purposes but may be combined to provide one systematic water treatment solution.

Designing Spaces Segment Clip

Whole House Point of Entry Featuring Viqua UV Technology
Check out our segment below. Keep an eye out for our feature at the 10:48 time mark!  
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