The Hague WaterMax® reverse osmosis water systems have been designed as a complete, self-contained water filtration system appliance that uses three stages of primary filtration and separation. We offer compatible, replacement parts for your Hague water filtration system. Hague reverse osmosis membranes and your Hague filters should be replaced according to the manufacturer's specifications. Changing your Hague Water Max RO filters is essential for this water system to perform to specification. For more about reverse osmosis systems, click here. If you need further help finding the correct replacement Hague water filters for your Hague water system, let us know.


Hague Quality Water International is a registered owner of the trademark Hague Quality Water® and WaterMax®. These replacement products are not manufactured, endorsed, or approved by Hague Quality Water International. Part numbers and photographs of products and systems are used for identification purposes only and do not demonstrate an association with Hague Quality Water International. This site makes no representation as to the effect the use of this replacement product may have on any warranty that you received with the purchase of a Hague Quality Water® or WaterMax® system.

Owner's Manual and Installation Guide for Hague RO Models H2000, H2500, H3000, H3500, LC30, LC50, LC100, LC50P and LC100P