The AquaWizard faucet-mounted reverse osmosis system is a unique option for places where a traditional RO system will not fit. These systems offer great tasting filtered water in a smaller space. We offer all of parts and products you need for your AquaWizard system. For more about reverse osmosis systems click here. The Original AquaWizard was sold under a private label as the Nimbus Watermaker Mini. The new AquaWizard II is now labeled as the Purosmart Faucet Mount RO System. If you are looking for Nimbus, Purosmart, or AquaWizard replacement water filters and parts, please contact our customer service representatives, who would be happy to assist you in your selection.

Aquawizard II

502026 PuroSmart® Membrane Replacement Element
502025 PuroSmart® Carbon Block Replacement Filters
PuroSmart® Carbon Block Replacement Filters
FWS # 502025

The Original Aquawizard™

104467 WaterMaker Mini TFC Membrane, 20 GPD
WaterMaker Mini TFC Membrane, 20 GPD
Mfg # 00701
FWS # 104467
104127 Mini Carbon Post-Filter with Support Ring Assembly
104036 WaterMaker Mini Carbon Filter 2 Pak
AD1&2C-LF Male Faucet Adapter Kit for Diverter Valve and Aerator - Lead Free Chrome Plated Brass
100273 QC Adapter Coupling - Neoperl
104053 WaterMaker Mini Tubing Kit

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