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Fresh Water Systems provides Shat-R-Shield Fluorescent Lamps, shatterproof fluorescent bulbs that protect against broken glass, mercury, and phosphorous.
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Fresh Water Systems offers Sht-R-Shield shatterproof fluorescent lamps and bulbs to light your home, office, or building. In case of a broken bulb, shatterproof fluorescents protect your employees and work space from shards of glass as well as the harmful chemicals found in all fluorescent lighting. This provides additional safety measures and gives you peace of mind when accidents happen.

Ordinary fluorescent lamps contain mercury and phosphors, toxic elements that can cause undesirable effects when someone inhales or is exposed to them. Shatterproof fluorescent bulbs are designed with a durable sleeve around the actual bulb as second barrier that captures glass and contaminants if the bulb breaks.

Protect yourself and others from injury by shopping our selection of shatterproof lamps including the popular Shat-R-Shield fluorescent lamp.