CPC DrumQuik Dispensing Systems

CPC (Colder) DrumQuik systems for drum dispensing allow users to safely extract liquids or chemicals without exposing contents to contamination.

Want to learn more?

Colder DrumQuik systems provide closed fluid transfer for cleaner, safer management. These systems connect and disconnect quickly while protecting you from hazardous chemicals and keeping the chemicals pure.

DrumQuik systems are comprised of three parts:

  • • Coupler (polypropelene)
  • • Disposable drum insert (high-density polyethylene)
  • • Dip tube (high-density polyethylene)

What’s the benefit of closed dispensing systems?

Open and semi-closed dispensing means contents are poured straight from their container. Dispensing through open and semi-closed systems exposes chemicals and other liquids to potential contamination. DrumQuik closed dispensing systems, however, allow you to remove contents while the container is still upright without removing the dip tube.

What types of fluids are Colder DrumQuik systems used for?

  • • Acids
  • • Agricultural fertilizer
  • • Caustics
  • • Edible oils and syrups
  • • Fragrance and flavoring
  • • General chemicals
  • • High-purity chemicals
  • • Institutional cleaning products
  • • Paint dispensing
  • • Pharmaceutical media
  • • Solvents

Benefits of a DrumQuik Dispensing System

  • • Allows vehicles to dispense diesel fuel safely to meet EPA regulations
  • • Keeps chemicals for bioprocessing pure
  • • Protects people safe from exposure to dangerous cleaning chemicals and detergents

DrumQuik Special Features

  • • Quick connection and disconnection for speedy drum change outs
  • • Automatic shutoff valve
  • • Ported vent system for vapor management

DrumQuik Technologies

DrumQuik PRO: used for drums, chemical packs, or IBCs; available in multiple standard thread sizes; compatible with a variety of common steel and plastic containers

DrumQuik PUR: cleanroom manufactured for use with high-purity chemicals

Why use DrumQuik PRO or DrumQuik PUR?

  • • Quick connections and disconnections allow you to replace the drum faster
  • • ASO valve shuts off fluid transfer for disconnections
  • • Drum insert saves you from messes and unsafe exposure to chemicals

View this PDF for more specific details on DrumQuik systems.

Watch the Colder drum dispensing video below.