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John Guest has been pioneering revolutionary plastics manufacturing technologies since the early 1970’s as the world’s leading manufacturer of push-in pipe fittings for plumbing and heating systems.

John Guest Speedfit ® is an advanced push-in pipe fitting featuring twist & lock technology suitable for normal, domestic hot and cold water lines, including pressurized and combination systems. Whether your application involves fresh water, raw water, gray water, or potable water, John Guest push-in fittings meet the high demands of the plumbing and marine market. Speedfit ® fittings have been designed for use with copper pipe, Speedfit ® PEX pipe, CPVC, and other PEX pipe and conform to US Plumbing Standards.

John Guest performance specifications include main water supply line and indirect cold water systems, vented and unvented hot water systems, and vented central heating systems. Extensive tests prove that Speedfit ® products withstand temperatures and pressures that exceed normal operating conditions. The products listed should not be used for gas, fuel oil, or compressed air applications.


Installation benefits:

  • • Works with copper, CPVC, and PEX
  • • No tools required Installation time reduced by 40%
  • • Grip and seal connection Superseal®
  • • Reduced pipe insertion force
  • • Easy to disassemble without damage to pipe or fitting
  • • Easy to use in confined spaces

Applications for plumbing/marine fittings

  • • Boats: The flexibility of the Speedfit ® system ensures it can be cabled easily around the interior and hidden from view.
  • • RVs: Speedfit ® is ideal for RV installations due to its flexibility and resistance to corrosion and freezing. 
  • • Exhibitions: The unique ability of the Speedfit ® System to be easily disassembled and reused, along with its flexibility, makes Speedfit ® ideal for this application.
  • • Portable offices and toilets: As with RV’s, Speedfit ® is well-suited for these applications.
  • • Agricultural and Horticultural: Speedfit ® offers a variety of applications for these environments.

John Guest Speedfit ® Installation Video


Watch the following video to learn how to properly cut tubing for quick connect fittings, making a connection with John Guest type fittings, and how to disconnect quick connect fittings.


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