Aptera Alkamag Alkaline Water Filter Kit

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Alkaline Ionized Water Filter Kit to add to your existing RO system.

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Aptera Alkamag Alkaline Ionized Water Filter Kit

The APTERA-2510 is a true alkaline ionized water that uses premium medias that emit Far Infrared Rays, increases pH, lowers ORP, and gives your water a refreshing mineral flavor.

The Aperta-2510 ionized water filter is recommended for post RO (Reverse Osmosis) and includes a neodymium magnetic module. It should be placed between the permeate side of the membrane and the RO holding tank (See Diagram). The Aptera alkaline water filter requires a very slow flow rate of 0.025 gpm in order for the water to have sufficient contact time with each of the medias.

The Alkamag Ionizing Alkaline Water Filter Kit Includes:

  • APTERA-2510 2.5" x 9-7/8" Alkaline Ionized Water Filter
  • 10" 3G Slimline Clear Housing w/Integrated Bracket & Pressure Relief
  • (2) Quick Connect Male Fittings w/teflon tape
  • 4 ft. White LLDPE NSF Tubing
  • Slimline Filter Housing Wrench
  • Suitable for use on RO systems up to 50 gpd
  • CONSUMER NOTE: Cannot be used as a standalone water filter

APTERA-2510 Alkamag Alkaline Ionized Water Filter Specifications Sheet
APTERA-2510 Alkamag Alkaline Ionized Water Filter Installation Diagram

Understanding ORP & its Significance

What is Oxidation Reduction Potential? (also known as ORP or Redox Potential) is a measure of h2O's (water's) ability to gain or lose electrons in chemical reactions. Just as the transfer of hydrogen ions in water determines the pH level, the transfer of electrons in water determines the ORP value.

Why should I be concerned with the ORP of my water? The ORP value of a water supply is directly related to the effect it has on plumbing and bacteria growth. The life expectancy of bacteria in water is more dependent on the ORP value than the chlorine concentration or pH value. For swimming pools with a pH value around 7.5, the ORP value must be kept above 700mV to kill harmful bacteria.

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0.025 gpm
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