Watts Premier Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual

Posted by Bailey Hack on July 03, 2019

This guide to your Watts Premier Reverse Osmosis System gives simple steps and multiple diagrams to help make installation as smooth as possible. Watts provides an overview of the RO system, as well as recommendations for maintaining and operating your system. This extensive but informative guide will answer all your questions regarding your reverse osmosis system.

This PDF includes:

  • The contents of your Watts Premier system
  • Installation tools and procedures for each connection
  • Start-up process of the Watts Premier
  • The process of changing filter cartridges and replacing membranes
  • How to sanitize and monitor your RO system
  • Troubleshooting guide to answer your questions about your Watts Premier
  • Data Sheet to record your system's performance
  • Certification and warranty information

View the PDF by Watts Premier here

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